Enter LazyMan Tailgate Sweepstakes to Win $500 in Tailgate Food

Do you work hard, enjoy life and love to tailgate? Then you may want to enter the LazyMan Tailgate sweepstakes. All you need to do is place a “Work Hard, Enjoy Life, Tailgate” bumper sticker on your car and snap a picture of it while tailgating. Email it in to LazyMan for consideration. The bumper sticker design is below:

If they like what they see, they’ll send you a cobra hat and you’ll be entered into the LazyMan Tailgate Sweepstakes. The winner receives $500 for food and drinks and enough LazyMan t-shirts to outfit all your friends and family. Take a look at their tailgating themed shirt that they sent me.

They have other t-shirt designs too including baseball, sport fishing, wake boarding, Hawaii, etc. To learn more about LazyMan and their products visit their official site LZMan.com

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