Earth Day Tailgating: Go Green Tailgate

Go Green Tailgate Service Pack Today is Earth Day and more than likely you’ve already seen politicians planting trees and the 24-hour news cycle telling you different ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We as tailgaters want to do our part but by nature of the activity that we love, it is sometimes difficult.

Because tailgating is a temporary party that sets up quickly and breaks down just as fast, it tends to not be the most eco-friendly activity on the planet. With tailgating times shrinking, we tailgaters want speed and convenience and most of the time that comes at the expense of the Earth. Tailgaters tend to throw away paper plates, plastic cups and other disposable items during the course of a tailgate party and that all has a negative impact on our environment. You don’t have to be a part of the problem.

Previous Earth Days we have featured a number of tailgating products that are not only tailgate tested and tailgate approved, but also help preserve the environment. Last year we told you about FireJel Charcoal & Firewood Starter and the previous Earth Day 2008 we told you how to go green by Tailgating “Green” With Hybrid SUVs. Other posts focused on environmentally friendly tailgating included product reviews on the EZ Grill, Flamedisk and even put together a comprehensive list of tailgating ideas to go Tailgating Green with the Environment in Mind. So keeping with tradition we have discovered another way to green up your tailgating without sacrificing quality and convenience. You can now utilize the Go Green Tailgate Packs and not feel guilty for throwing your used items away.

So what is Go Green Tailgate? Simply stated, they are products that are eco-friendly and recyclable all placed in one convenient party pack.  Go Green Tailgate has partnered with several small wholesalers and manufacturers to group and consolidate event and tailgate related products such as plates, cups, eating utensils and even a recyclable grill into a single package that focuses on disposability and convenience for tailgaters.

Go Green Tailgate started with the idea of creating a more convenient way for people to tailgate at their favorite events. After exhaustive research and testing, what started as a simple concept, ‘build a better tailgate’, has expanded to driving a more environmentally friendly effort. There are three different types of Go Green Tailgate packages. They are:

Original Tailgate Party Pack
2 EZGrill Disposable grills
2 Flingsbins Recyclable containers
10 Compostable Plates
10 Compostable Wrapped utensil sets
10 Compostable 16 oz clear plastic cups
10 Alcohol free Wet-Naps
30 Natural napkins

Quickie Tailgate
1 EZGrill Disposable grill
1 Flingsbins Recyclable containers
5 Compostable Plates
5 Compostable Wrapped utensil sets
5 Compostable 16 oz clear plastic cups
5 Alcohol free Wet-Naps
10 Natural napkins
30 Wooden stir sticks
1 Aluminum foil pan
1 Set of disposable grill tongs

Serviceware Pack
20 Compostable Plates
20 Compostable Wrapped utensil sets
20 Compostable 16 oz clear plastic cups
20 Alcohol free Wet-Naps
30 Natural napkins
30 Wooden stir sticks

Depending on the size of your tailgate party, Go Green Tailgate can accommodate whatever size crowd you are expecting. And with each plate used, you won’t feel guilty that your carbon footprint is expanding wider because you enjoy tailgating.  To learn more about Go Green Tailgate or to pick up the right sized package for you, visit: