Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen Flask

Last week we introduced you to Tampon Flasks, a sneaky and covert way for women to smuggle in booze disguised as tampons. Now we have yet another way for you to smuggle your booze into stadiums, arenas and even places like the beach disguised as a tube of sunscreen. It’s simply called the Sunscreen Flask.

The concept is simple yet genius. The Sunscreen Flask is a food grade plastic tube that holds 8 oz of liquid that looks exactly like a tube of sunscreen. Nowhere on the tube except in very fine print on the back does it reveal that it is not a legitimate tube of sunscreen. From a reasonable distance and at close examination it looks exactly like an SPF 30 sunscreen bottle.

Why a flask disguised as a sunscreen tube? Quite honestly because all events allow sunscreen in past security. Football games, baseball games, concerts, state fairs, outdoor festivals all have security staff checking bags and backpacks before entering the venue. All of these events allow sunscreen in past the gates and the Sunscreen Flask is so stealth, the security won’t think twice about checking it closely. Add to it that the NFL recently changed their bag policy for 2013 to require bags to be clear and transparent, these sunscreen flasks will breeze right through without a second glance.

Last week I took a vacation in Hawaii and stayed at one of the major hotels along Waikiki. Of course it had the requisite poolside bar that served mixed drinks but as you might expect, a hotel bar’s prices in Waikiki are not cheap. I decided to put the Sunscreen Flask to the test and thought this would be the perfect environment. (Click the images below for larger view of the Sunscreen Flask in action.)

As you can see, the hotel prominently placed a placard discouraging guests from bringing in their own beverages. When we sat down at our table, I took out the Sunscreen Flask and placed it on the table on it’s cap. The waitress came up and took our order of two Diet Cokes and did not even blink an eye at the Sunscreen Flask sitting prominently on the table in plain view. When our drinks arrived, I unscrewed the cap and poured some spiced rum into the two drinks seconds after they arrived. I just made sure the waitress had her back turned serving another table and then poured a healthy shot right into my drink. I then screwed the cap back on and placed the Sunscreen Flask back on the table ready for the next round. It could not have been easier or cheaper.

The bill for the two drinks was around $8. I checked the menu prices for mixed drinks and a rum and cola was around $14. For less than the price of one mixed drink we were able to booze at the poolside bar and I guarantee I poured a heavier shot than had we purchased drinks from bar.

Sunscreen FlaskJust to be sure and to test it out thoroughly, I took the Sunscreen Flask to another establishment when meeting a friend for lunch who happens to live in Hawaii. The location where we were meeting for lunch was about a 20 minute walk down Waikiki beach from my hotel. I grabbed the Sunscreen Flask and placed it in my back pocket and proceeded to make the walk and enjoy the weather. I passed by hundreds of people on that walk including numerous police officers. Not one person noticed it was a flask and questioned me carrying it. Everyone just assumed I was just another tourist with a tube of sunscreen in his back pocket.

Once I arrived at the lunch location and met my friend, before sitting down I took out the Sunscreen Flask and placed it on the table. My friend and her husband didn’t think anything of it and though I just didn’t want to sit on my sunscreen. I ordered a pineapple juice and my companion ordered a lemon-lime soda knowing full well I was packing a flask full of gin. My friend whom we were meeting and her husband thought it strange I was order straight juice knowing my history and propensity for alcoholic beverage consumption. They were both drinking beers by the time we arrived so this made for a little bit of an uncomfortable situation. I relished the suspense knowing full well my secret would be revealed soon enough.

Once my juice and the lemon-lime soda arrived, I picked up the Sunscreen Flask and started to untwist the cap. My friend says, “I know the Hawaiian sun is a bit stronger than you are accustomed to, but you do realize you are inside?”. I just smirked and started to pour the gin into my pineapple juice and then poured some into my companion’s lemon-lime soda. This, as you may imagine, caused a ton of laughter and even produced a relieved sigh. My friend Barbara had thought I had found Jesus or had gone to AA because I had not ordered an alcoholic drink. She was relieved to not feel so guilty she was drinking and I was not and thought it was hilarious I had found a new way to not only booze, but do it on the cheap.

Although we did not test the Sunscreen Flask in a tailgating environment and sneak it into a sports stadium, we are going to 100% confidently say the Sunscreen Flask is “Tailgate Approved”.

The Sunscreen Flask comes one to a package and a single flask will hold 8 oz of liquid. Simple math states that if you buy three, that adds up to 24 oz of liquor which almost equals a 750 ml bottle of booze. The standard package costs $10 plus postage and packaging. The good news is that if you buy two or three packages on the same order, the price for postage stays the same.

With the high prices of tickets, parking and gasoline, we tailgaters need to save where we can. Paying $15 for a rum and cola inside of a concert is highway robbery. Some venues will not sell mixed drinks and only offer beer and wine. For those that prefer their drinks with a little more kick, this Sunscreen Flask will pay for itself the first time you use it.

Make sure to drink responsibly, know your limit and NEVER drink and drive.

To buy your own Sunscreen Flasks, click HERE.