ESPN the Magazine Features PolarHeat Quad Chairs

ESPN the Magazine CoverDo you already have a copy of ESPN the Magazine July 25, 2011 edition? If not, you may want to stop by a newsstand or a bookstore and pick one up. (If you don’t know which one to get, it is the one with Dwight Howard on the cover pictured at left.)

Starting on page 118, the editors compiled a list of cool tailgating gear and gadgets to get tailgaters ready for the upcoming football season. Directly featured on Page 119 is the PolarHeat MCC Quad Chair, perfect for tailgating. ESPN the Magazine focused on the tailgating chair’s feature that allows you to hold 24 12 oz cans in the armrests while keeping them cold. They also informed their readers that the place to find the PolarHeat MCC Quad Chair was at For that we would like to sincerely thank the folks at ESPN for mentioning us and including such a cool tailgating product.

PolarHeat Quad Chair RedIn addition to the PolarHeat Quad Chair getting a full page photo on page 119, there are a number of other fun tailgating items in that section of the magazine. One in particular is a product we have written about extensively over the years, the Disposable Flask, displayed on page 120.

Checkout the July 25, 2011 edition of ESPN the Magazine and take a look at the gear section starting on page 118. Another thanks to the folks at ESPN the Magazine for including us and one of our products we offer.