Mailbag: Florida Flasks

I received this email on Saturday. Keep in mind that when you email me, your correspondence could very well end up getting published. I cut and paste verbatim without cleaning up the punctuation or spelling.

Hey dave

i go to school @ University of Florida, GO GATORS! a frat brother of ours came across, and we order some to sneak liqour into football games.. its amazing… i think you guys should write something about these guys, these flasks are perfect! we dont spend money on drinks @ clubs anymore haha!

thanks for listening


Naturally with that kind of a build up I had to check them out. Looks to be a great way to be a little sneaky and to save a little bit of money by doing the BYOB thing. After a little bit of research on these types of flasks, I came across this video as well from the folks at Disposable Flasks dot com.


Whichever brand you choose, just make sure to be smart and don’t get caught. Also, designate a driver and don’t drink and drive.