You Think It, They Ink It — Tailgate Approved

Tired of getting hit up with additional fees?

In the world of Sports the charges seem inevitable and in these tough economic times they seem to be happening more and more frequently.  A recent purchase of Houston Texans tickets required more than 12% in additional proce ssing fees, taxes, and delivery charges.

Just the other day I found a pair of Nike’s that I wanted.  The Buy It Now price on eBay was $20.00. Shipping was $249.99.  Seriously?  Seriously.

In the world of custom, promotional design there’s one company that’s changing all that.  Custom art charges, shipping fees and uncertain taxes aren’t part of the mix when it comes to developing and delivering a product that comes to your door just as you designed it when you work with

So how do you turn a custom products website into something special?  With unparalleled customer service and website functionality that’s second to none.

Landing on the home page of is like sitting behind the wheel of a BMW.  When you reach out to touch something, it’s right where you expect it to be.

From t-shirts, koozies, bags, pens or any other promotional items—you’ll find it here.  Once you’re on the site the ease of navigation and the ability to insert the elements of your own personal, custom design is almost too good to be true.  You can save the design, share the design and receive feedback on the design via postings to Facebook or Twitter.  The site is well-crafted and nearly unparalleled in the category.

As you develop your design you quickly come to realize the complexities the company considered.  You thought a koozie was just a koozie?  Actually there are foldable koozies, foam koozies, full color kooz ies, neoprene koozies,  Moreover each koozie option comes to life with full on-screen options for bottle or cans.  As our Tailgating Team came up with a theme for the 2010 tailgate I worked through the customer service department and art team to develop a theme that would arrive just in time for kickoff in Aggieland.

As part of our design we wanted to putTexas A&M Tailgating Schedule the schedule on the back.  Easy enough.  With the navigation tools on the website design we flipped the can and placed the schedule on the back.

You can experiment and customize with every conceivable combination on their website.  From colors, to fabric style, to images, to fonts and everything in between the group at seemingly thought of everything.

We finished out our order around the 15th of August knowing that we needed the koozies before September 4th.   With only a two week lead time you don’t incur any rush charges OR shipping charges.   You might argue that the costs are baked into the total cost of the product and they probably are, but their prices are already competitive.  Delivering a competitive price without add-ons–when you consider the company’s customer focus–leads to an unbelievably effective combination.

We cut it close.   Our final order had an estimated arrival date of September 3rd.  The games, as you know, start on the 4th.  The product arrived on August 31st–3 days ahead of schedule.

For a little more than $2 per koozie, 100 minimum order, we were able to get exactly what we were looking for to help accentuate and ultimately remember what promises to be a great tailgating season.

From the website, to the 800 help line, to the artists that finalized the images, to the arrival of the shipment– proved to be a cut above at each step along the way.

To check out the website click here.

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