Tailgating Space Saver Idea

Paper Towel Roll 2Some of the best tailgating ideas can be the most simple. When you can combine simple and inexpensive it makes the idea even better. Take for example the issue of space while tailgating. You always have a big roll of paper towels that tend to take up a lot of room on your serving table. You end up placing them on the trunk of your car or the tailgate of your truck. Not the most clean place to place them and they still seem to get in the way. A simple and easy way to get them out of your way is to attach the roll to the frame of your Portable Pop-Up Canopy using either twine, string or, my preferred method, a bungee cord.

Paper Towel Roll 1Utilizing this technique, your paper towels are always in reach, roll off easily and free up space on your table. I personally use a bungee cord because the two hooks on the ends make it fast and easy to hang the paper towels on the cross bars of my shade tent. If you use string or twine, you’ll have to tie each end to the tent cross bars. Using string is not that big of a deal but more of a pain in the ass than just using a bungee cord that already has hook. (Click on either photo to get a bigger view.)

With that in mind, you probably already have a spare bungee cord laying around the house or in the trunk of your car you could use. If you don’t have an extra, you can pick up a 24-pack of bungee cords from Dick’s Sporting Goods for cheap.

Next time you go tailgating, put the bungee cord in your tailgating supply box and you’ll be amazed how much room you will free up with those paper towels conveniently out of your way.