I Think I’ll Pass

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(Editor’s Note: Does always drinking a beer when I post a tailgating post make me a better tailgating poster?  And does waiting until 12pm to officially post this article make it OK to crack open a beer in the morning?)

The Phillies are out of town this weekend.  The weather this Saturday is nothing but sunshine.  No ballgame means on to the next best thing…it’s off to a barbecue we go.  And when loading the cooler this morning we were sure to include a dessert.  A homemade key lime pie to be exact.  And that pie got this fan thinking.

I am a man who loves his sweets.  Morning stops at Dunkin Donuts almost always include a doughnut or two.  The work day almost always includes a stop or two at the vending machine.  When out to dinner my eyes often drift first to the dessert section of the menu.  And today I am sure to make a slice of key lime pie one of the first things to hit my plate.

But for some reason when it comes to tailgating dessert is the furthest thing from my mind.  And this fan isn’t the only one thinking like this.  If you look around the lot you will find the same phenomenon.  Little or no desserts on the tailgating menu of fans.

Instead our tailgates are filled with every type of meat imaginable.  If people aren’t packing a grill it’s an assortment of hoagies or subs piled high with all the fixins.  Accompanying the meats are chips (love the sea salt & vinegar potato chips) and salads overflowing with too much mayo.  Oh yeah and of course plenty of beer!

And the shunning of desserts isn’t limited to the parking lot.  Once inside the stadium concession lines are filled with fans buying more beer and food, but no dessert goodies.  Sure you might see a little kid dripping ice cream all over a mini batting helmet, but kids are too young to truly be classified as tailgaters!

Dad and I often try to be fair to the dessert group.  We will often throw in slices of cake or some cookies in the cooler.  To no surprise the cake and cookies are still in the cooler when we unpack the cooler after the game.

So to all those fans whose home team is out of town this weekend I say enjoy those weekend desserts.  To all those football season ticket holders I say only two more months to enjoy a good Sunday dessert.  Because come that next trip to the lot that sweet tooth will be M.I.A.