Build Your Own Tailgating Beer Bong

Tailgate Party Beer Bong Go ahead. You can admit it. You’ve seen lots of people doing beer bongs while tailgating. You’ve wanted to ask them how to make one or where they bought theirs but you were too shy. That’s okay, we understand. We were shy once before too. But now we are no longer shy and want to let you know that no longer does your tailgate need to go beer bongless. You can now order a single, double and even a four person beer bong and have it shipped right to your door. Prices are extremely reasonable so there is no reason why every tailgate party should not have at least one of these.

The folks over at have pretty much thought of everything when it comes to making a quality beer bong. From offering premium 64 ounce Red or White funnels to premium food and beverage grade clear plastic tubing or even contractor grade PVC valves to start the flow when you want it, these beer bongs have it all. The double beer bong has two tubes instead of just one, so you can share the funneling experience with a friend. Obviously the four person beer bong has four tubes to accommodate a larger beer funneling tailgating party. Both two and four person beer bongs come with premium “Y” joints specifically meant to join beverage grade tubing. There are no “T” joints used like the lower grade 2 tube funnels use. All you need to do is figure out which model fits you and your tailgate party and customize it to your unique specifications.

Speaking of customizing, all of the Build A Funnel Beer Bongs can be ordered with varying lengths of tubing. Tubing length options include 18 inches, 2 feet, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet and 12 feet. (Seriously, if you are ordering a beer bong with a 12 foot tube, you are either Lindsey Lohan or need to check out AA.) A standard, single 18 inch tube beer bong without a PVC valve will run you less than ten bucks. Prices go up depending on length of tubing and if you prefer a valve or not. The double beer bong has length options of 1 1/2 feet, 2 feet and 3 feet for each side. (Sorry Paris Hilton, longer lengths are only available on the single beer bong.) A unique option on the double beer bong is you can choose a third shutoff valve. A bare bones double beer bong will run you just a little bit over 15 bucks. The basic stock version of the Quad Beer Bong runs for less than $25.

If you are ready to order your Build A Funnel, break out your credit card because they use Google Checkout as their payment processor.

Have fun and enjoy. Know your limit and please, never drink and drive.

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