Hide Your Hooch In Your Hooters

Wine Rack Girl Tailgating isn’t just plopping yourself down in a chair around the old grill for three hours. Sometimes the tailgate party is more mobile than that. What if you want to check out other tailgate parties but don’t feel like lugging your entire cooler with you?

Now the tailgating girls of the world have a great way to not only booze and cruise but make it look like they have a nice set of hogans in the process. A new product called The Wine Rack, is a sports-style bra in which you can conceal an entire bottle of wine in it. In the bra is a special polyurethane bladder that holds up to 750 ml or 25 oz. of liquid and has a tube attached for easy (and sneaky) drinking. It’s like a CamelBak in your gal’s boobs.

…It’s the Wonder Bra for Betty Ford Clinic refugees…

Not that you need any more convincing that the Wine Rack is the perfect tailgating accessory, there are still other benefits. Not only does it make the transportation of your hooch easy and convenient but the fully filled bra increases a woman’s cup size by two cups! Think of it as the Wonder Bra for Betty Ford Clinic refugees. As you drink from the Wine Rack and deplete the liquid supply, the cup sizes will decrease as well. Then again, if you drink an entire bottle of wine, do you really care that your D-cups have gone back to your normal B-cups? Doubtful.

The wine rackThe Wine Rack is probably best used while wearing long sleeves. Simply put on the Wine Rack bra under your normal clothes, run the drinking tube down the sleeve and it is easily concealed. The Wine Rack comes in two sizes, small and medium. Small fits sizes 32A through 36A and medium fits 34D through 38B. Sorry bigger busted gals. I guess you’ll have to carry your booze with you the old fashioned way. Then again, if your boobs are that big, we’re sure someone will offer you a free drink somewhere along the way.

If you still need more information, you can check out the video demonstration featured on the British TV show, Richard & Judy. The Wine Rack retails for under $30 and you can buy yours at Firebox.com.

(Disclaimer: We’re not getting paid to promote this product. We just think it is cool that tailgating girls now have a better way to booze and cruise while tailgating.)