Battery Operated Corkscrew

Not every tailgater is a suds swilling, beer bonging savage like me. Some tailgaters prefer other beverage options and that may include a nice glass of wine. Wikipedia even notes that some people were spotted tailgating prior to the opening of the summer season of the Santa Fe Opera. I am sure there were a few bottles of wine consumed at that tailgate party. Unless you are going to break out the ‘wine in a box‘, having a quick and easy way to open those wine bottles is key. Yet again, another cool gadget specifically designed for tailgating to the rescue. Get a load of the Battery Operated Corkscrew.

BATTERY OPERATED CORKSCREW – Open your wine bottle with the touch of a button! Just press the corkscrew’s tip against the cork, touch the button & voila! Ideal for tailgating, there’s no more twisting, pulling, lifting or volunteer seeking involved. Works on most standard & flanged-neck bottles. The sturdy design comes with an integrated foil cutter & ergonomically contoured grip. 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not included) required. Only $54.50.

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