Over the years we have tested and reviewed quite a few gadgets and techniques in order to smuggle in some extra booze past the security at events. We recently published the definitive list of the best ways to smuggle alcohol whether at a game, concert or event a street fair. Included in that article were SlickShotz!

A brief overview: SlickShotz! look like little IV bags you may find in a hospital for little people but they actually hold about three oz. of liquor. The SlickShotz! bags come with a heat sealer that is almost identical to the one that vacuum packs food you have seen on infomercials. The bags can be reused at least twice and possibly more depending on how carefully you tear them open. Just fill up the bags at home with about three ounces of your favorite liquor, seal them and place them in an inconspicuous place. Put them in your underwear, your socks, back pocket, coat pocket, etc. The smallest kit comes with 25 pouches, the heat sealer and batteries. You can purchase more bags once you use up the quantity from your initial kit order.

Naturally we were sent a sample kit of SlickShotz! to test for ourselves and to determine if they are “Tailgate Approved”. Cut to the chase, they are Tailgate Approved for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that with the price of mixed drinks inside a stadium, depending on how many drinks you were planning on buying on the inside, SlickShotz! will pay for themselves the first time you use them. Most stadiums only offer beer and wine and even if money was no object you still wouldn’t be able to have your rum and cola.

SlickShotz! in handAnother great reason is the amount you can bring in. Of course each bag only holds about 3 oz of liquid but if you fill up eight or nine of these SlickShotz! bags, you can smuggle in an entire fifth of liquor. You just have to find some creative and undetectable places to hide them that won’t get noticed by security. Women can hide a few of these bags in their bra ensuring they won’t be seen nor will the security touch the ladies there.

The feature that we like the most is that each bag has dual tear zones so the first time you use it, you can reuse the bag a second time with the second tear zone still intact. Just rinse them out and fill them up the next time and you are saving money again and again.

The downside of SlickShotz! is that you can not bring in any carbonated liquids. The pressure created by carbonated beverages in the SlickShotz! bags will cause them to explode. Honestly, that is not a big deal because although sodas are priced high inside a stadium they are much more affordable than alcoholic drinks. If you are disappointed you can not put beer in the SlizkShotz! bags, don’t be upset. It would be difficult to keep the beer cold seeing how it would be smuggled inside a coat pocket or on your person and the body heat would warm it up. Just remember to put liquor or wine in the SkizkShotz! bags and you will be fine.

We will pass along one small tip we discovered when testing out the SkickShotz! is to place the heat sealer on the edge of a counter top when sealing the bags. You will want the “neck” of the bags to lay flat against the heat sealer element but the liquid in the bag should be allowed to hang below the counter top. Just bend the neck with your thumb while holding the bottom of the bag with your hand. This way the liquid is staying safe and won’t leak out while you seal the top. The name of the game when using SlickShotz! is to save money on your boozing. You don’t want to lose some of your hooch while in the process of sealing up the bags.

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