Will HDTVs Be The Death of Tailgating?

I know exactly where I was the first time I ever saw a football game on a high definition television. I would compare it to remembering where I was when I heard the Space Shuttle exploded or when 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. It affected me that deeply. It was December of 2003 and the New England Patriots were playing at home. I stood there in amazement with my mouth agape as I could see individual snowflakes land on Tom Brady’s helmet. I knew from that day forward that I would never be able to watch another game on a regular TV ever again. Now comes news that a recent study has discovered that American football fans would rather watch games in HD rather than attend them in person. That got me to thinking, “Could HDTVs spell the demise of tailgating as we know it?”.

Broadcasting & Cable: Football Fans Prefer Big-Screen to Bleachers

The survey polled over 1,000 respondents (502 men / 507 women) and the results showed that 45% of adults prefer the HD football experience. Only 32% of respondents said they would rather watch the game in person. The survey also found that more men (51%) than women (41%) would rather watch football on an HDTV than in person.

With every new advancement in technology the previous product or form of entertainment invariably suffers. The cassette tape replaced the 8-track only to be replaced by compact discs. The same argument can be made that the growth of radio and television contributed to the rapid decline of vaudeville. With more people preferring to watch the game at home on a Hi-Def TV, tailgating may be considered collateral damage with less people going to games. Exorbitant ticket prices, higher parking fees and just the general hassle of driving to the stadium could very well jeopardize the appeal and growth of the tailgating culture.

We’re not suggesting you kick your HDTV to the curb. We’re merely suggesting that tailgating helps make the game day experience more enjoyable. If you really love your HDTV that much, check out our “how to” guide on setting up your satellite TV at your next tailgate party. Don’t let your HDTV prevent you from going out and tailgating.

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