Patriots Tailgating Grill

New England Patriots Tailgating Grill From time to time readers will email us and submit photos of their own tailgating grill that originally started off as a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill and they have converted it to their own team colors and logo. We received an email today from Gregg in Groveland, Massachusetts who submitted a few photos of his New England Patriots Tailgating Grill. His email follows:

Love the website, you do an awesome job, I visit it daily. Keep up the good work.

I saw your both the Chargers grills you customized and was blown away. I realized I had to do the same. Still can’t stop singing that Chargers theme song. I think I watched that video you did a few too many times :) Just cant beat that song.

I tried to do something a little different with mine, as far as painting the head shield 2 colors. I thought the red, white and blue with front handle looked like a good combination.

I tried getting all the colors of the Patriots logo represented in the grill. It was a lot of work, but I am happy with the results. Just finished it over the weekend, and the kids and I had a ball doing a “test run” in the driveway grilling some hot dogs before the Monday night game. I am looking forward to its debut at Gillette Stadium this Sunday for the home opener against your Chargers! Should be a great game, can’t wait!

As you can see I painted my [propane] tanks as well. I have a special 5 lb tank that I use for tailgating. It’s very convenient. I bust out it’s “big brother” just for my space heater for the cold weather games, to keep the tent nice and warm.

One little trick I did, was I wanted to put that decal you see on the bottom pipe of the hitch mount, but the design of the plate brackets caused the license plate to hang halfway in front of the bottom pipe. I wanted that decal to be visible so, I made a $2 modification using two metal T shaped brackets I got at the hardware store. I just broke off a piece of them, and used them to extend the height of the license plate brackets.

I hope you like the grill and it is a worthy of addition to your gallery :)

Thanks, and best of luck to your Chargers this year (except this Sunday) :)

Now take a look at his New England Patriots Tailgating Grill. (Click the images for a larger view)

Pointing out a few things in the photos, you’ll notice that Gregg is also using a Tanksetter to widen the base on his “big brother” tank. Looks like he customized that and painted it red to match the Patriots color scheme. You can also see that he used some silver heat resistant paint for the grill lid. And on a side note, the idea to extend the license plate brackets so as to display his Patriots decal on the bottom tube of the swing arm was brilliant.

If you want to customize your own tailgating grill, you should check out the DIY post we did back in 2009. There you will see the step-by-step instructional video along with written instructions on how to customize your tailgating grill. Some questions that may not be answered in the video are answered at our DIY Grill FAQ section. In there we answer questions about where to find the the replacement caps, what type of paint to use and even includes a coupon code to use when buying the center logo for the grill lid handle.

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