I Like Tom Brady

OK, I really don’t like Tom Brady.  But I am going to stick up for him anyway, not that an All-Pro QB with a Victoria Secret model wife needs my help.

Throughout the week I have been reading articles about how stupid Brady was for saying:

“Yeah. Start drinking early.  Get nice and rowdy. It’s a 4:15 game, plenty of time to get lubed up and come out here and cheer for their home team.”

The so-called media experts have been slamming Brady, saying that he isn’t being a good role model to football fans.  That he is encouraging fans, specifically tailgaters, to drink even more.  And when you drink even more your behavior would then become more rowdy, disruptive, and dangerous.

To these media folks I bring out the the famous words of one Charles Barkley, “I am not a role model.”

Who gives a flying rat’s ass what Tom Brady says.  If you are drinking more solely because Mr. Brady told you to, you are an idiot.  If you are going to drink too much at a tailgate and proceed to act like a moron once inside the stadium, that is just you being a moron.  A statement from an athlete has no affect on your actions.  You being irresponsible is only your fault…you only have yourself to blame.  As mom would always say, if the guy told you to go jump off a bridge, would you really go jump off a bridge?  I didn’t think so.  Use some common sense.

I fully understand that kids will and do look up to Tom Brady and the media will use this fact to support their bashing of Brady on the “lubed” comment.  Though true, it is only little kids that should be looking up to Brady.  If you are of the drinking age you are too old to have the guy as your role model.  You should instead be looking up to a parent, a community leader, or one of our soldiers risking his / her lives overseas.  You are too old to be fantasizing about Mr. Brady (his wife, well that is OK!).

The point of this rant is of course not to promote binge drinking to the point up getting all lubed up and out of control.  I would never support this.  Drink responsibly and remember the memories that each and every tailgate gives you.  Instead, get off of Tom Brady’s back…he is just another athlete doing or saying something silly.  If you follow his advice based on the sole fact that he was the one who said it, well then you have taken it beyond silly to just plain stupid.

Now let’s go Chargers… go beat the Patriots today!