Weekend Wrap #74: Keep It Or Change It Edition

news_wrap.jpgSo I have been doing some thinking lately. Each week we do a link round up of all the stuff that is in the news about tailgating or would be of interest to tailgaters. We started with the Weekend Wrap back in March of 2008 and later introduced the Mid-Week edition a few months later. There was just too much stuff to link to that it became too crowded and cumbersome to link everything once a week. Hence the Mid-Week link dump was born. To liven things up a bit I included a photo of an attractive girl and called it a little “eye-candy”.

After looking at the traffic statistics, it seems as though the Mid-Week versions seem to bring in more people than the weekend editions. Am I just linking better stuff during the week and slacking off over the weekend? Are less people surfing the web on the weekend and goofing off at work during the week? Or is it just pure libido taking over and you all prefer to see attractive women? With that said, I am considering bringing the cheesecake element to the Weekend Wrap. I will let you the readers decide. Vote in the poll below and your votes will decide the future of the Weekend Wrap. You’ll know by next week what the masses have decided.

Now on with this week’s links.