Weekend Wrap #1 – Linkapalooza

wraps.jpgIt’s my job to stay on top of issues and topics that concern tailgaters and could potentially affect the tailgating lifestyle in general. Most of the news items I come across aren’t earth shattering to the point where the topic needs it own article. However they are noteworthy enough that I would be remiss by not sharing them. With that in mind I decided to compile all the tailgating minutia I come across in a week, dump it into a single article and let you figure what’s important to you. It’s a new feature here at TailgatingIdeas.com and I plan on doing it each week sometime during the weekend. Hence the name, Weekend Round Up. If you can come up with something better, leave a comment at the end.

  • A proposed beer ban at the University of Nevada Reno Football games is raising quite a stink. Apparently the beer ban will not apply to outside the stadium or during tailgating.
  • After looking the other way in the past, the Mississippi State University Game Day Committee has decided to reinforce tent size rules for tailgaters in the Junction.
  • Even the Arena Football League in Kansas City understands that tailgating is essential to any kind of football atmosphere.
  • PNC Arts Center in New Jersey is banning tailgating prior to concerts that attract a predominantly young audience. (I guess you can still tailgate with the geezers that show up when James Taylor comes to town.)
  • An Alabama woman has invented an eating surface that attaches to your folding chair while tailgating. Think of it as a TV tray for tailgating.