Weekend Wrap #2 – Linky Dinky

thats-a-wrap.gifLast week was the first installment of the Weekend Wrap. This is where I compile all the tailgating news and blog stories that appeared on the web over the past week and share them with you all. Since none of you slackers suggested a better name for this recurring segment, Weekend Wrap seems to have stuck. Without further delay, here are the news and blog stories from the past week of interest to tailgaters…

  • After 17 seasons of Chicago area shows held at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Jimmy Buffett’s 2008 concert will be at Toyota Park. Parrottheads are rejoicing as we speak.
  • Tailgating in Oakland is not reserved just for Raider Nation. The San Mateo Times says fans of the Mexican National Soccer Team can tailgate with the best of them.
  • The Las Vegas Review Journal gives an insiders look into tailgating in the infield of Las Vegas Motor Speedway prior to the UAW-Dodge 400.
  • Ault Glazer & Co. has acquired minority interest in Freedom Grill.
  • The New Jersey Turnpike Authority which owns PNC Bank Arts Center announced that tailgating will be banned prior to concerts that attract young crowds. Tailgating will, however, be permitted at country music shows and other performances that draw “mature” audiences.
  • Protecting three 70 year-old oak trees in Lewisville, N.C. is the reason why tailgating has been suspended for the Beach Blast concert.
  • The Camden Courier-Post weighs in on the PNC Arts Center ban on tailgating prior to the concerts that attract a younger audience.
  • The new Nordstrom in Honolulu hosted a free Cosmetics Tailgate Party on the day of the grand opening.

Cosmetics tailgate party? I wonder how that went over. Cucumber sandwiches served by Mary Kay herself? Now I have seen everything.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Don’t forget to move your clocks one hour ahead tonight as long as you don’t live in Arizona or Indiana.