Weekend Wrap #52: It’s Been A Year Already Edition

news_wrap.jpgI guess since this is the 52nd edition of the weekend wrap that means we have been doing this for a year now. (52 weeks in a year you know.) It was back on March 1, 2008 when we rolled out the first Weekend Wrap. A lot has changed within that year’s time. We now two a wrap up segment twice a week adding the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper June 4, 2008. So between the two editions, let’s look back on some of the most viewed links before we get to this week’s links.

The Drunken Tailgate received quite a few visits from Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #20: USC Song Girls Edition when we linked to this post that feature beautiful women tailgating Clemson football games. I’m seeing a theme developing because another popular link out was Don Chavez’s expose of a North Dakota State Cheerleader with some risque pics revealed in our Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #15: Kristy Bojazi Edition. Yet another link that went well was our mention of Sadie West appearance on the pages of The Beer Goggler in the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #30: Sadie West Edition. You get the point. Anytime I link out to website with hot women you guys click and click a lot.