Weekend Wrap #4: Link Madness

news_wrap.jpg With the opening of the 2008 NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament, I am amazed my bracket is not a total grease fire by now. Maybe this will be the year I can finally win my office pool? Then again I am not holding my breath. It is still early in the tournament and we all know how crazy things can get. With that in mind, here is the round up of news and blog stories in the world of tailgating and tailgate parties.

  • The Iroquois Steeplechase is welcoming tailgaters with open arms by creating a tailgating area amongst its other improvements scheduled.
  • The University of North Dakota is selling tailgating spaces for the upcoming football season at the spring game on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The Salt Lake Tribune takes a look into NASCAR tailgating complete with recipe suggestions.
  • Yoga13964 offers up Simple and Easy Tips – How to Throw a Tailgate Party No One Will Forget.
  • AM 850 “the Buzz” blogs about the tailgating atmosphere prior to the first games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.
  • OnMilwaukee.com checks in on the status of the plans for the Brewers opening day tailgate party.