Weekend Wrap #6: The Madness is Almost Over

news_wrap.jpgApparently history means nothing to UCLA, North Carolina, Memphis and Kansas. Never before had all four No. 1 seeds in the NCAA March Madness tournament advanced to the Final Four. That is until this year. In that spirit, we have more than seven articles of interest to you tailgaters out there. (Why just limit ourselves to four with all the news that is out there?)

Also, before the games tip-off today I am going on record and predicting a UCLA vs. North Carolina Final on Monday. If you saw my bracket I filled out prior to this weekend, the smart money may be going the other way. On with the news this week…

  • If you still need a bit more information on how to go tailgating without a tailgate, check out the suggestions TipFootball put together.
  • A new clothing line called LazyMan brand is designed to bring the spirit of tailgating and pursuit of free time to men across the country.
  • A product review article on small, portable grills designed specifically for tailgating.
  • Just in case you need more opinions on what type of grill is best for tailgating, Nascar Awards offers up their two cents.
  • The Madison Capital Times reports on the tailgating scene at Miller Park on opening day of the Brewers’ season. It even comes complete with a photo gallery.
  • Penn State students tailgating right up to minutes before kick-off are to blame for long lines to get into Beaver Stadium.
  • Hometown Annapolis reports on the tailgating scene prior to the 34th annual running of the horses at the Roedown Farm.