Weekend Wrap #69: Father’s Day Edition

news_wrap.jpgSeeing how I am a father of two kids, my daughter is 3 years-old and my son is 1 year-old, today was a good day for me. I wasn’t showered with gifts nor was my wife overly nice to me. I still changed a diaper or five today. I still was there trying to get my daughter to take her nap to avail. What made it great was the fact that I was able to appreciate what I have and that future Father’s Days hold even more promise.

When my wife asked me earlier in the week if there was something special I wanted to do on Father’s Day, my response was, “I’d love to be in Omaha tailgating the College World Series.” Obviously that was not going to happen. We live in Southern California and a road trip of that magnitude with two small kids would be a nightmare. So I opted for breakfast out with the family, played in the park for about an hour, bought some finger paints and headed home. Later in the day I fired up the Bubba Keg Grill and did some beer can chicken using my new Turkey Cannon. Many would argue that it is Father’s Day and I shouldn’t be the one cooking. You should know by now that grilling is not work to me and I love to do it any chance I get. So all in all, nothing majorly spectacular about my Father’s Day to report other than being with my family and appreciating what I have.

Not to go all Cats In The Cradle by Harry Chapin on you, but I lost my dad to kidney cancer in 2000. My father-in-law passed away four days after my daughter was born. Because of these two losses, Father’s Day has become a little more meaningful in our house. So to those of you who still have your dad, make sure to not only treat him well on Father’s Day but treat him well everyday. Although my dad was not a tailgater, mainly because we couldn’t afford season tickets, he taught me how to grill a steak. I wish I still had him around and could take him to a game today. I would gladly let him take over my Freedom Grill FG-50 because he loved to grill too. So the message tonight is time is running out faster than you think. And if you are a father yourself, strive to be the type of father you would have liked to have growing up.

Now to lighten the mood, Father’s Day always makes me recall this stand-up comedy routine from Chris Rock. Dads with daughters, this one is for you. (WARNING: Video contains strong language and is NSFW unless you have headphones or a really cool boss and IT dept.)


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