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Father’s Day is about a week away and you are still considering getting pops that lame neck tie? Don’t be that guy.

Whether your dad is a hardcore tailgater or just deserves better than cuff links, we here at Tailgating Ideas have put together an easy to follow guide for giving your dad the best gift ever. And a cool Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. We have scoured the internet for Father’s Day gifts ranging from under $10 all the way to $2,500! Without further delay, here is the Tailgating Ideas 2012 Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide.

GoGalley Outdoor KitchenThe GoGalley

Dad is normally the griller and outdoor chef in most families. Normally these job duties fall on dad when out in the tailgating parking lot too. So why not make his job a whole lot easier and convenient with a GoGalley Portable Outdoor Kitchen? The GoGalley is the ultimate outdoor kitchen that comes complete with a 700 square inch gas grill, a three position burner, smoker/oven, folding prep tables and even a space to hold open the trash bag. And the coolest part is this tailgating monster attaches itself to the rear of pop’s car by itself. That’s right. It has a winch that pulls the GoGalley off the ground and onto the back of the car when it is time to pack up and head into the game. As you might imagine, something this awesome is not cheap but at $2,500, isn’t the man who brought you into this world worth it? You can learn more about the GoGalley HERE.

iPhone Bottle Opener Case

Opena iPhone Case

Does dad have an iPhone? Does dad like imported beer that requires a bottle opener? If those two things describe your dad, spend $40 and get him the Opena iPhone Case. Watch the video below to see it in action and then get it from openacase.com for $39.95. Available in black or white.

Tailgate Beer CanTailgate Beer

Fact: Dads love beer. It’s one of those things like water is wet and the sun is hot. You just don’t argue with it. But the thing you can argue about is the quality of beer your dad drinks. For years now we have been telling you about the high quality craft beer in a can that is Tailgate Beer. Their first offering of Blacktop Blonde was a huge hit that they have come out with two new brews including a Hefeweizen and most recently added, an IPA. The best part? Tailgate Beer also comes in a 24 oz can option so dad has to get up and out of the chair less often. Normally priced at less than $10 for a six pack, visit TailGateBeer.com to see if they sell it in your neck of the woods.

Hitch N View


Another indisputable fact is father’s like to watch TV. The problem is that normally watching TV while out tailgating is more effort than it is worth. If you get dad a Hitch-N-View portable TV mount, set up at the parking lot is a snap. The Hitch-N-View is a portable flat screen TV mount that inserts into the two inch tow hitch of any vehicle and can hold any brand flat screen TV up to 40 inches. Once mounted after you have parked, the TV is at perfect viewing height for those sitting in tailgating chairs behind the car. Priced at less than $90 that also includes shipping, the Hitch-N-View makes a perfect Father’s Day gift for the tailgater who has everything.

Robo Cup BBQ

The RoboCup

Help out your dad keep track of his drink by getting him a RoboCup. Press the two cup holders together to release the powerful clamp jaws and the RoboCup can attach to just about any surface. The side of a tailgating chair, the RV, BBQ grill or any other place you can think of. The cool thing is that if dad is a fisherman, the bottoms of the RoboCup unscrew allowing for a fishing rod and reel to rest in there safely and comfortably affording dad the opportunity to enjoy the day on the pier carefree. Priced at $20, you can’t beat the RoboCup for price and that uniqueness of a gift that dad surely doesn’t have already.

Strongback Chair Elite

Strongback Chair

Let’s face it. Dad is not as young as he used to be. Gone are the days of being able to sit in a tailgating chair for hours on end without getting up and feeling sore. The truth is, most tailgating chairs don’t provide a whole lot of back support and tend to make people slouch too much. Strongback Chairs are designed to provide superb lower back and lumbar support while out in the tailgating parking lot. Even if dad is not a tailgater but enjoys hanging out in the backyard in a chair, the Strongback Chair will ensure he doesn’t come back in the house complaining about back soreness. Priced between $45 and $85 depending on the model you prefer, you can get your dad a new tailgating chair from strongbackchair.com.

Das Boot

Das Boot

Did you ever see the movie “BeerFest”? Did you watch it with your dad? You probably remember the part of the movie when they break out “Das Boot”. This is the authentic hand-blown German Beer Boot featured in the movie and you and dad can share a brew without the foot odor of a regular boot. It holds 2 liters (67 oz) and would make a great Father’s Day gift. Priced at under $60, you can get one from Home Wet Bar.

Clear View 10 pound propane tank

Clear View Propane Tanks

If dad is a gas griller, ask him what is the worst possible scenario for a cook out. He’ll probably say, “running out of propane midway through a cook”. Unfortunately traditional propane tanks are made of steel and you can’t tell how much propane is left inside. Guessing how much by picking it up and judging by the weight is about as accurate as most local TV weathermen. That’s why your dad deserves to get a Clear View translucent propane tank. This composite fiberglass propane tank allows your dad to see the exact level of propane left inside the tank and ensures he will never be surprised when the gas runs out. Offered in 10 pound and 20 pound sizes, these are prefect for bringing to the tailgating parking lot or just for the back patio grill. Both sizes are priced at less than $110.

GoBar Black Skirt


Not only is dad normally the griller but he also tends to be the bartender as well. Why not get him his own portable bar that comes complete with three different wraps? There is the black wrap for all kinds of occasions, a tropical tiki bar wrap for those times he hits the Jimmy Buffet concert or he can go with the gridiron wrap in the fall for football season. The GoBar comes complete with a removable lower shelf that holds up to 25 pounds and the bar top also holds 25 pounds. The legs fold up quickly and easily and fits into the included carrying bag. At less than $90, you can’t afford to not get dad his own GoBar.

BBQ Pit Boss Utility Belt

Pit Boss

Dads and tool belts are pretty much synonymous with each other. Instead of giving dad a tool belt that will remind him he has to go to work on Monday, how about a tool belt that will make him think about grilling and the weekend? The Pit Boss is a griller’s tool belt that has places to put all the grill tools, sauces, bottle opener and even a place for a beer… and an extra beer. Running at less than $70 your dad could be the king of the grill and look the part as well. Buy one at pitbossbelt.com

Brewsees Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Brewsees Bottle Opener Sunglasses

They may just look like regular sunglasses but these are Brewsees… Sunglasses with integrated bottle openers in the ear pieces. You might imagine these are gimmicky sunglasses that will break easily or screw up dad’s vision but you would be wrong. Sturdy yet comfortable frames, polarized lenses, 100% UV Protection, Polycarbonate frame, 6061 Airplane grade Anodized Aluminum and comes packaged with a free bottle koozie. At less than $40 these are the sunglasses dad will be wearing all summer and into football season. Buy a pair of Brewsees HERE.