I’ll Stick with Cereal Milk

I am a cereal lover.  I can have it for breakfast, lunch, and when the wife isn’t home for dinner.  If you too are a cereal lover you know the best part of the sugary goodness is the left over milk.  The best “cereal” milk has to be milk from chocolate cereals.  Think Cocoa Krispies or Coco Pops.  So I guess in more simple terms I love me some chocolate milk!

What the hell does cereal and / or chocolate milk have to do with this site?  Well, just give this writer a minute.

I like chocolate milk.  I of course like alcohol.  What can I say, I have good taste.  And these taste buds were treated to a great surprise last weekend when I went to the local liquor store and I saw Adult Chocolate Milk.  I had previously heard about such a product but my lazy ass was, well too lazy to search the product out.  I like minimal work, instant gratification.  The product was now right in front of me so of course I had to buy it and try it.

Adult Chocolate Milk is made by the Adult Beverage Company (of course it is) and is 40 proof (nice).  Even before tasting the milk I was impressed with the old-time stoppered bottle with cartoon style lettering.  Unfortunately the impressing stopped there.

In short, Adult Chocolate Milk is a poor man’s version of Baileys.  If I were you I would dish out the few extra bucks (if the gas companies haven’t already taken it) and go with / stick with Baileys.  Just fill your glass with a bit more Baileys to make up for the alcoholic difference (34 proof compared to 40 proof).

Adult Chocolate Milk isn’t overly chocolate or milky.  With your first sip you get a taste of watered down milk, a touch of mint, and a small taste of whiskey.  You should stop after the first sip or two as the taste is lingering, coating your mouth with just this odd taste.  Makes you want to run for a bottle of Hershey’s syrup to give your brain the chocolate taste it is craving when your eyes see a glass of chocolate liquid.

So as you can see I was not overly impressed with the Adult Chocolate Milk.  The idea is definitely a good one.  Take a favorite childhood drink and make it an adult drink.  This fact alone will make the product sell,  just not sure how many of those sales will be repeat sales.

And if you are tailgater this review is probably a good thing.  Who wants to be drinking milk at a tailgate anyway?!?  Give me a cold beer and let me fill my stomach on BBQ goodness instead!