Top Shelf Father’s Day Ideas

So many people complain that fathers are so hard to shop for when it comes to a Father’s Day gift. Apparently these people are unaware of how to get to a liquor store.

Liquor bottles

Because Father’s Day is a little more special and dad deserves to be spoiled a bit, this year we have sampled a number of top shelf liquors that are out in time for Father’s Day. We sampled the Diplomatico Reserva Rum, Crystal Head Vodka, Casa Noble Anejo and the Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon.

The one that caught our eye at first was the limited edition Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Pack. The limited set includes a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, a limited edition bottle tattoo and a double CD with an exclusive collection of the Rolling Stones greatest hits from live performances. The 18 songs are exclusive to the Rolling Stones anniversary pack, personally selected by Mick Jagger. Crystal Head Vodka is made with no additives, from the glacial waters of Newfoundland, Canada, and grain grown in the Kent/Chatham region of Ontario. Distilled four times, Crystal Head Vodka is filtered through Herkimer diamonds: 500-million year old quartz crystals. Crystal Head Vodka has vanilla aromas and a mellow palate, with peppery notes on the finish. We thought with the Rolling Stones touring this summer that getting dad this limited edition gift set might make the perfect present for dad who is probably a Stones fan.

Next to try was the Diplomatico Reserva rum. A product of Venezuela, this rum is crafted in copper pot stills, retaining incredible complexity of flavor on both the nose and palate. This rum is redolent with notes of caramelized pineapple, molasses, dates, toffee, chocolate, and a hint of baking spice. Although that sounds terribly sophisticated, this rum was quite smooth and mixed well or was very good straight up.

Now when it comes to tequila, there are two types of people. Those that upon hearing tequila is being served will respond with a resounding, “Hell yes!” while the other half are a “Hell No!”. Luckily I fall into the “Hell Yes!” category and was looking forward to sampling this tequila.

The Casa Noble Anejo takes 14 years to produce so this is definitely not the type of tequila you are licking salt and slamming limes with. This tequila is matured in French White Oak barrels and extra aged to make it extra smooth. There is little “tequila bite” with this one and might I dare say that even those people that do not like tequila might try this one and could possibly change their attitude about tequila in the future.

To finish was the Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon. Along with the previous samples, we were given a sample of Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth. In honor of my dad who loved Manhattans, I thought it would be fitting in advance of Father’s Day to make my dad’s favorite drink. If my dad were here today he would have told me that making a Manhattan using bourbon is not recommended but some people like a bourbon Manhattan. Both the Four Roses and the Antica complimented each other in this classic cocktail and was a fitting end to our Father’s Day taste tests.

We would suggest that if your dad prefers the finer things in life and you want to spoil him this year, pick up a bottle of any of these top shelf liquors before Father’s Day, June 16th.