Cooperstown Cookie Company

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball. All eyes in the baseball world will be focused on the Yankees vs. Red Sox game tonight and then the rest of the league opens the season on Monday. When you think of baseball it is a natural progression to think of Cooperstown, New York, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Although The Hall of Fame may be the most famous thing in Cooperstown to baseball fans, to tailgaters, the Cooperstown Cookie Company may be the most delicious.

Everyone loves cookies and cookies are normally the desert of choice for tailgaters. No one wants the hassle of trying to transport cakes or pies or ice cream to the tailgating parking lot. That’s why cookies are such a great fit for those tailgaters with a sweet tooth. Cooperstown Cookie Company has created shortbread cookies in the shapes of baseballs and packaged them in unique tins that resemble famous baseball stadiums. Now baseball tailgaters can display their fan loyalty all the way down to the last thing they eat before heading into the ballpark. Check out these really cool cookie tins that are replicas of the ballparks your baseball heroes play inside.

Not only are Cooperstown Cookie Company cookies tasty, they are the officially recognized cookie of the Baseball Hall of Fame. And I can attest to the tastiness of these cookies. I had the opportunity to meet Pati Grady, Founder and President of Cooperstown Cookie Company out in Las Vegas for the Sports Licencing & Tailgate Show. There, she gave me some samples of her cookies which I took home with me. For those that might have picky eaters at your baseball tailgate, these cookies passed that test. I gave them to my son and daughter, my daughter being a very picky eater, and they both asked for a second. So if they can pass “the kid test” you know they are some good cookies. Check out this video that appeared on the Food Network on how Cooperstown Cookie Company came to be and how they have grown over the years.


Although Cooperstown Cookie Company is now famous for their shortbread cookies, appropriately named “bunts”, they do more than just cookies. They also offer Chocolate Baseball Caps in either Peanut Butter Filled Milk Chocolate or Caramel Pecan Filled Milk Chocolate. If you want to bring home the taste of Cooperstown Cookie Company, they also offer their cookie dough for sale and you can even add in a baseball shaped cookie cutter. just like the ones they use in Cooperstown. With numerous gift pack sizes and tins in many Major League Baseball team logos, you’d be hard pressed to not find some cookies that would be perfect for your next baseball tailgate.

Cooperstown Cookie Company is so excited for the season to start they are offering readers of a special coupon. Simply enter coupon code “TGI10” (without the quotation marks) for free cookies with any order. No minimum purchase necessary to get the free cookies and they will even include a Hall of Fame Baseball Cookie Bunt Pack.

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