Weekend Wrap #21: Random Thoughts Edition

news_wrap.jpgThis week’s Weekend Wrap does not really have a theme so I decided to jot down some random thoughts in the intro that just do not deserve to be expanded upon. So here goes… Kielbasa on shish kabobs soaked in teriyaki marinade is better than you’d think. Gold Bond Medicated Powder is a summer must-have for guys, if you know what I mean. Brett Favre really needs to make up his mind on if he is going to unretire. Why is it that every time I do a video review of a product one, if not both, of my dogs make a cameo appearance somehow? I just bought two fantasy football magazines this morning and they have already been placed in the prime reading location; the bathroom. My daughter watched the Disney movie Chicken Little today and I was surprised parts were actually funny to an adult. If you don’t have the time or energy to spike a watermellon, just pour some rum over the cut up chunks and it will have the same result.

See? The inner-working of my mind is scary place. Best to stick to thoughts about tailgating. Speaking of that, on with this weekend’s links…

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