Want Cool Stuff? Don Chavez Is Just Giving It Away

If you are a regular reader of Tailgating Ideas you’ll probably recognize the blog Don Chavez from links in the Weekend Wrap-up and the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper. Now old DC is not just about cheerleader scandals and dumb kids doing face plants. He is all about the giving spirit this holiday season. Think of him as one of Santa’s helpers but he gives away stuff guys want.

Don Chavez is hosting the Holiday Giveaway 2008 and the prizes are valued at over $1,600. The reason I am sharing this good news is 1) you could always use something free and 2) some of the prizes are cool for tailgating. He’ll be giving away a cornhole set, bacon salt, beer pong table, folding poker table, etc. So starting on December 2, (that’s tomorrow knuckleheads) Don Chavez will be giving away one prize per day all the way up until Dec. 19th.

So how do you enter? Simple, just go to this page and follow the instructions. I’m already entered and so should you. Afterall, who couldn’t use some free stuff before Christmas?