Weekend Wrap #67: Stealth Drinking Part Deux Edition

news_wrap.jpgIf you were reading last week’s Weekend Wrap, you knew of my dismay and disappointment in being hassled about enjoying a beer while tailgating. I am happy to report that I went tailgating at the same location where open containers of alcohol are frowned upon but this time there were no “red cups” utilized. This time we enjoyed our beers in alternative containers that look to be non-threatening, non-alcoholic beverage containers without any hassles from local authorities. Thanks go out to the guys at TailgatingTimes.com for their extensive list Drinking with Discretion that gave us numerous options to choose from. My friend decided to go with the plastic fast food cup while I chose the 24 oz energy drink aluminium can option. Worked like a dream and now I will be stockpiling Venti Starbucks cups and lids for my next adventures that require alcoholic beverage consumption on the down low.

Now on with this week’s links.

Cover Your Bass