Walmart Get On The Shelf for Tailgaters

I am sure everyone is familiar with Walmart, the superstores that sell just about everything. Walmart is a popular place to shop for tailgaters because of the low prices and the variety of goods sold it makes it a one stop shop for many things needed for a tailgate party.

Last year, Walmart rolled out the “Get On The Shelf” contest which allowed business small and large to essentially make their case to have their product sold online and in select Walmart brick and mortar stores. Here is a quick explanation video of how the Get On The Shelf program works.

YouTube video

So now that you know how the program works, you are probably asking yourself “As a tailgater, why do I care which products are sold in Walmart?”. The simple reason is there are some companies and products trying to get on the shelves of Walmart that are great for tailgating. And because those products that earn the most votes will be considered to get on the shelves of Walmart, we thought you might want to help those that are designed for tailgating. We have scoured the Walmart Get on the Shelf site and have found these products we think would be a great addition because of their appeal to tailgaters and those that enjoy the tailgate party lifestyle. In no particular order:

Tailgater Sunshade: About a year after starting this tailgating blog in 2007 we were contacted by the folks at Tailgator Sunshade. Most tailgating tents and canopies have four legs and can be big and bulky. We reviewed the Tailgator Sunshade and now they have the opportunity to get on the shelf at Walmart. Their pitch video and a link to vote for the Tailgator Sunshade to get on the shelf follows:

YouTube video

To get the Tailgator Sunshade on the shelf, vote for it HERE.

Spin Chill Beerouette: We first learned about the guys at Spin Chill a few weeks ago when we discovered their beer chiller called the Chill Bit. We liked it so much we decided to add it to our online tailgating gear store. We will be publishing our review of the Chill Bit this week but in the meantime, the Spin Chill guys are in the running to get on the shelf with another product. This product takes the concept of rapid chilling a canned beverage and automates it. They call it the Beerouette.

YouTube video

To get the Beerouette on the shelf, vote for it HERE.

Beersicle: Although we personally have not tested the beersicle in looking at the Walmart Get on the Shelf entries, this one looks pretty cool. Apparently you place this frozen tube in your beer bottle and you can still drink it. The video demostrates how it works.

YouTube video

To get the Beersicle on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Rollors: We discovered Rollors back in the spring of 2011 and have even given away a game set to one lucky reader. The basics of Rollors combines bowling, bocce ball and horseshoes into a fun tailgating game. Now Rollors is in the running with this Walmart contest and could be available through Walmart if they can get on the shelf.

YouTube video

To get Rollors on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers: Another product we have not personally tested but looks like it would be good for tailgating is the Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers. Wind is the enemy of any outdoor activity and especially tailgating. Looks like this product solves the age old problem of your tailgating tablecloth from blowing away in the breeze.

YouTube video

To get the Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Saucerslotz: We’ve never played it but it looks like a fun game that could be brought out to the tailgating parking lot. It appears to combine the scoring of a number of different tailgating games along with game play from Polish Horseshoes and bean bag toss. Check out their video for it.

YouTube video

To get the Saucerslotz on the shelf, vote for it HERE

If you know of a product or company great for tailgating currently trying to “get on the shelf” that we may have missed or overlooked, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.