The Beer Belt Now Available Through

beer_belt_babe.jpgThis past week I introduced you to The Beer Belt. In case you missed it, The Beer Belt is a sturdy belt made of heavy duty waterproof ballistic nylon with six heavily insulated beverage slots. Think of it as a utility belt that holds a six-pack instead of tools. (Click the image to get a better look.) Now you’ll never be out of beer if you wander away from your tailgate party. To get the full description, click HERE.

Since I thoroughly enjoy what The Beer Belt brings to the tailgating table, I have decided to offer it for sale directly from As you may know, I don’t sell run-of-the mill tailgating equipment you can get at any sporting goods store. I only carry products that are truly unique, something special and enhance your tailgating experience. That is why I have chosen to sell The Beer Belt on The Beer Belt comes in five colors including black, blue, pink, camo and leopard print.

Any color Beer Belt is only $21.95 + $7 shipping and handling. That’s a pretty unique and awesome piece of tailgating equipment for under 30 bucks. Get your own Beer Belt for $21.95 + $7 shipping and handling from or online tailgating store, Click HERE to buy one today.