Uncommon USA 20′ Telescoping Flagpole

Tailgating Flags Most tailgaters like to fly flags of their team or college while at their tailgating space. For the past few years I had used a telescoping flagpole to fly my flag while tailgating. Unfortunately this past spring during the NCAA Baseball Regionals, the old flagpole had had enough. Since it was made of aluminum I was able to place it in the recycle bin but I needed a replacement before football season. I did my research online and finally decided on going with an Uncommon USA 20′ Telescoping Flagpole.

No one likes to pay for shipping so I was in luck when I took my family to the Orange County Fair and saw that Uncommon USA had an exhibitor’s booth there. I couldn’t really classify it as an “impulse buy” seeing how I was going to order one online in the next few weeks. I just didn’t wake up that morning thinking I would have my new tailgating flagpole in my possession that day. I was also lucky in that they were running a Fair special and the price I paid was lower than the online sale pricing I had researched. Lower price plus I could take it home without paying for shipping? I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough.

The Uncommon USA 20′ Telescoping Flagpole already comes with an American Flag included but as part of my purchase I could select an additional flag. Because I already had a Chargers and Cal State Fullerton flag (the two teams I tailgate the majority of the time) I went with the State of California flag. I also went ahead and got the Flagpole Wheel Stand to take tailgating and hold my flagpole firmly under my SUV wheel.

Once I got it home I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the Uncommon USA flagpole. I am unsure what brand my old flagpole was but it definitely was inferior in quality. I was so impressed when checking out my new flagpole that I thought it would make a great video demonstration.


Judging by the video and comparing it to my old flagpole, I was confident this flagpole would be appreciated by other tailgaters. That is why I added it to the list of products we endorse and sell on our tailgating gear web store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. To check out the variety of Uncommon USA 20′ Telescoping Flagpoles that come in silver, white, black and bronze, visit the Uncommon USA section of Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.