Tailgator Sunshade Better Alternative To The Portable Canopy

tailgator_sunshade_001.jpgNo matter what time of year you are tailgating, you’ll need some protection from the outside elements. Nothing ruins a tailgate party more than rain. During summer and early fall tailgate parties you to have shade or you will melt right there in the parking lot. Every tailgater thinks they have to go out and get one of those 10′ x 10′ Pop-up canopy tents for some much needed shade. Now there is a cheaper, faster, lightweight and easier alternative called the Tailgator Sunshade. (Click on images to see full size)

The Tailgator Sunshade is a lightweight tailgating canopy that provides the same amount of shade as those EZ-Up tents but requires only one person to set up, is less bulky, packs lighter and is less expensive. The concept is the Tailgator Sunshade attaches to your SUV tailgate and uses those flexible, folding poles you would normally find in a camping tent. Rather than go into tremendous detail on how to set up the Tailgator Sunshade, just watch the 2 minute video to see how easy and fast it is to set it up. (Plus the girl doing the demo is MILFtastic.)


I set up mine using our Lincoln Navigator and I discovered that our lift gate is not metal. It is actually fiberglass. Of course, the long magnet would not stick on the fiberglass tailgate but it did not matter. The tension created by the bungee cords was enough to keep the Tailgator Sunshade firmly in place.

tailgator_sunshade_vs_ezup.jpgOne of the major advantages the Tailgator Sunshade has over other portable canopies is it takes less space during transport. It lays flatter and is shorter than a 10′ x 10′ canopy when folded and is a lot less bulky. It is also much lighter and leaves a lot more room in your vehicle for more important stuff, like, you know, beer.

I didn’t put a clock on myself but I would estimate that it took me about three to five minutes to set up the Tailgator Sunshade all by myself. You can set up an EZ-Up by yourself but it takes a little more time and effort doing it solo. I would imagine set-up of the Tailgator Sunshade would have gone faster had I had a second person inserting the flexible poles in one sleeve while I was doing another. If you are normally the first one to the parking lot and then the rest of your tailgate party joins you later, you need a Tailgator Sunshade.

patsgame1.jpgSo here is the tale of the tape. The Tailgator Sunshade provides the same amount of shade/rain protection (approximately 100 square feet) while being lighter and more compact during travel and easier to set up than traditional pop-up canopy tents. All that and it sells for less than $140 shipped to your door. I’m sold.

You can get your own Tailgator Sunshade directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. The Tailgator Sunshade sells for $119.99 plus $20.00 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the United States. For the mathematically challenged, that’s $139.99 out the door. Click HERE to buy your own Tailgator Sunshade