GoBar Portable Bar

When it comes to tailgating, we all would like to recreate all the creature comforts of a house party while in the parking lot outside a stadium or concert arena. Having a bar set up is rather difficult because of the inherent nature that they are big, bulky and hard to transport. Years ago we discovered the Mobile Tiki Bar but if you are not a Jimmy Buffett fan or you would rather just have a portable bar that is not so tropical, you were out of luck. Now, from the makers of the GoPong Beer Pong Table comes the GoBar. A portable bar that is functional and versatile with three different themes no matter where your tailgate takes place.

GoBar with three skirts
The GoBar with three skirt options

First things first. Just so we are clear, we were not compensated to review this product. We actually purchased this product with our own money so therefore you know our opinion of this product is fair, balanced and unbiased.

Right off the bat, the first thing we noticed when receiving the box was how thin it was. Knowing this was the outter box and we knew the carrying bag inside would make the product even smaller was pretty exciting. Knowing this portable bar would not take up too much room in our tailgating vehicle made us feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. The size of the GoBar when folded up and in the carrying bag is 39″ x 15″ x 3″. The three inches is the key here because you can easily slide the GoBar along side your folding tailgating table or even your beer pong table and you aren’t sacrificing too much space in your vehicle.

Once parked, the GoBar opens to a height of 36″. All you have to do is extend the legs out and place it on the ground. Insert the storage shelf that will hold your bottles, mixers, ice bucket and whatever else you may need and it will also provide extra rigid support for the legs. The storage shelf can hold a maximum of 25 pounds as can the top of the bar. (Honestly, if you have 50 pounds of booze and mixers between the shelf and the bar top, you may need to go to an AA meeting.)

Included with the GoBar are three wraps or skirts. There is the traditional black skirt for possibly a more formal look. There is the Tiki skirt for those Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney concerts. Since it is football season, you can also go with the football gridiron skirt. All three can be attached to the legs of the GoBar and wrap around three sides of it using velcro. They are easily applied and stay on until you are ready to break down and head into the game or concert.

The GoBar literally sets up in about 60 to 90 seconds. I timed myself the first time I took it out of the box and my set up time was around the 90 second mark. The second time I set it up I was right around the 60 second mark because I was more familiar with the way it set up. But honestly, we are talking a difference of 30 seconds to have a portable bar up and available at your next tailgate.

Here are the specs on the GoBar:

  • Size When Open – 39″ x 15″ x 36″
  • Size When Closed – 39″ x 15″ x 3″
  • Weight – 12 pounds
  • Includes 3 interchangeable front skirts – Tiki, Football, and Formal
  • Hidden secondary storage shelf
  • High Strength Aluminum Frame
  • Waterproof MDF Surface
  • Skirt Material: Polyester (not machine washable)
  • Max Weight on Bar Surface: 25 pounds
  • Max Weight on Storage Shelf: 25 pounds

We enjoyed the GoBar so much that we have added it to our personal cache of tailgating gear permanently. It takes up so little room and sets up so quickly, whether we plan on serving a large amount of drinks while tailgating, it will not hurt to have it in the car “just in case”.

Because we think the GoBar is a fantastic addition to any tailgating set up, we have chosen to add it to our online Tailgating Gear store. You can purchase your own GoBar for $89.99 plus $20 flat rate shipping.

To get your own GoBar, visit: shop.tailgatingideas.com/gobar-portable-bar