SportMast Gets You In The Tailgating Mood On The Way To The Game

Avid tailgaters will all agree that getting to the tailgate should be just as fun as tailgating itself. Sure window stickers and those small window flags show team spirit. You could even break out the shoe polish and mark up your windows with clever slogans like “Geaux Tigers” or “Hook ’em Horns”. Then again, you’re not still in high school either. You need to show the world who your team is with a full sized flag flying proudly from the rear of your vehicle as you drive to the game. That’s why you need a SportMast, the only hitch mounted flag pole certified for full highway speeds.

Check out the video on how easy it is to attach a SportMast to your car. (watch it just for the hot girl in a bikini top and mini-skirt doing the demo.)


To use the SportMast, all you need is a truck or SUV with a 2″ tow hitch receiver and a sturdy flag with grommets. The SportMast stands 6′ tall above your trailer hitch and weighs 16 lbs. Bolt it securely to your trailer hitch with the pad-lockable hitch pin (included), attach your team’s 3′ x 5′ flag to the SportMast eye bolts with the snap-hooks (included) and and you are off. The welded eye bolts of the SportMast are made of powder coated stainless steel for tough durability. The SportMast is designed to handle highway speeds of 65 mph so you won’t have to drive like your grandpa to the tailgate.

I tested out my own SportMast (click photos below for larger images) and it works great. I took it out on the freeway and hit about 70 mph and the SportMast did not wobble or jiggle at that speed. I did get plenty of double takes and a few thumbs up from people as I passed. There is no doubt that when driving with a SportMast you will definitely draw attention to your vehicle.


If you are going to use the SportMast I would suggest getting a high quality, heavy duty flag to put on it. A cheaply made flag will tear and tatter over time because of the high winds it will be enduring on the highway. Just make sure the flag you choose can handle high winds unless you plan on keeping it under 25 mph on your way to the tailgate party.The SportMast is manufactured in the United States and comes in a number of different colors. Color options include black, blue, chrome, green, orange, purple, red, white or yellow to match your car or your team’s colors.  SportMasts regularly sell for $149.99 (chrome option more expensive) but a recent sale has been extended and the price has come down to $119.99. The sale may not last long so make sure to take advantage of the price reduction before it goes back to regular price.

After testing it out myself, if you are a rabid fan of your team and want everyone on the road to know it, you have to get a SportMast.

The Original Telescoping Flagpole From Uncommon US