Happy 4th of July 2009 – Now Go Out & Tailgate!

I normally reserve photos like these for the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper but because it is the 4th of July (and it is Carmen Luvana) I just had to share it.

Carmen Luvana American Flag Bikini

I would encourage everyone to have a happy and safe July 4th Holiday and please remember the spirit of the day. The 4th of July is not just tailgate parties, grilling and getting together with friends and family. Keep in mind that today is the day we told Mother England we have had it with the unfair treatment and we later created our own Republic built on freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights. So while you are enjoying the day, keep in mind that to this day many people are still fighting for those same freedoms we currently enjoy. I am sure many of the Iranian citizens protesting the disputed election results would give almost anything to have the same freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.

One last thing, please take a peek at my posting I did a year ago on How To Properly Fly Flags While Tailgating. Many of you will be flying the American Flag today but many do not know proper flag etiquette. Give it a read and you will have new found respect the next time you fly your flags proudly at your next tailgate.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July. Happy Birthday America! We’ll be back later with the Weekend Wrap-up.

The Original Telescoping Flagpole From Uncommon US