Weekend Wrap-Up #106: College Baseball Tailgating Edition

This weekend opened the 2010 NCAA baseball regionals. For the hardcore football tailgating faithful, you may be unaware of how great tailgating is prior to college baseball games. Right off the bat, the mood and the tempo of college baseball tailgating is less rushed and more relaxed. Secondly, you can use college baseball tailgating as more of a warm up for the impending football season just months away. I did a little college baseball tailgating on Saturday prior to the Cal State Fullerton/Stanford game. Although I did have a vested interest in the outcome of the game, I did use the time tailgating to get a better grasp on what tailgating gear will need to be either fixed or replaced.

I found that my Telescoping Flagpole is broken and will need to be replaced. We ended up making it work by using some broken sticks we found on the ground but that was a stop-gap fix and is not a long term solution. Also, my portable grilling tools will need to be replaced before football season starts. So speaking of college baseball tailgating, nothing embodies it like tailgating outside of Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha. Here’s a little taste of the mellow, relaxed atmosphere you will find in Omaha. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and links to follow:


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