Dori Pole

Dori Pole

Dori Pole
What separates the veteran and hard core tailgaters from the casual tailgater is that you want your tailgate to stand out; to be noticed. In the literal sense of being noticed and standing out while tailgating, you need to have an identifiable marker that can be seen from far away. We recently discovered the Dori Pole and it is a unique way to help your tailgate spot stand out above the sea of RVs, campers and pick up trucks crowding the tailgate lot.

In a nutshell, Dori Pole is a modular display system. Long pennant flags float in the wind and have been proven to help deter nuisance birds such as geese, seagulls and pelicans. (Nothing ruins a tailgate like birds pooping on your guests…) The fiberglass poles are lightweight, flexible and can reach up to 22 feet in height so your tailgating space is sure to get noticed.

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The video showed you mounting options by placing it into the grass with the mounting stake. This method would be great for those tailgaters that tailgate on grassy areas. For those that tend to tailgate on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, you can use the Wheel Stand that goes under your vehicle’s tire to hold the Dori Pole in place.

Dori Pole Wheel StandThe majority of our football season tailgating takes place at Qualcomm Stadium which is asphalt. We made sure to have the wheel stand to go with the Dori Pole.

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of the Dori Pole on a trial basis. After testing the Dori Pole we were given the option to purchase it at a discount or return the Dori Pole. We chose to purchase the Dori Pole at the discounted price and plan to use it for future tailgates.)

When first contacted by the folks at Dori Pole, we immediately were impressed with the wide variety of pennant colors offered. Pennants are not just available in solid colors but a two-color combination can represent your favorite team’s colors. It seems like everyone in the parking lot has a flagpole that displays the team flag but having a Dori Pole to either compliment or replace the old flagpole and team flag is an alternative. Setting your tailgate apart is the goal and having a different type of identifying marker flying above the tailgate lot will make yours easy to spot.

The Dori Pole comes in multiple sizes although the tallest would be recommended for tailgating. Using the 19′ Dori Pole raises the pennant of your color choice well above all of the other vehicles in the parking lot, making your spot easily identifiable. The 13.5′ Dori Pole Mid-Rise and Dori Pole Jr are also options but do not raise the pennant as high.

Once you have chosen your length of Dori Pole that will work best for your tailgate, you then choose which pennant color or color combination suits your tailgate party. The 14′ Collegiate Pennant Flags come in over 20 color combinations to match your college team’s colors. If you are a pro tailgater, more than likely there is a color combination to match your pro team’s colors too. (University of Florida Gators colors of blue and orange are the same for the Denver Broncos.)

If you prefer a solid color, Dori Pole offers 8′ & 14′ Solid Color Pennant Flags as well. Nearly 40 solid color options are available no matter how obscure your team’s colors might be.

Dori Pole

After testing out the Dori Pole and taking it to a number of tailgates, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The very fact that we chose to purchase a Dori Pole (albeit at a discount) so we could continue to tailgate with it for the remainder of the football season speaks volumes. We plan on using the Dori Pole well into college baseball season when it opens in February 2017. We will probably be investing in buying a blue and orange pennant in 2017 to show support for the Cal State Fullerton baseball team while tailgating.

To learn more about Dori Pole or to purchase a pole and pennant for your next tailgate party, visit: