For Sale: Chargers Custom Tailgating Grill

Custom San Diego Chargers Tailgating Grill

NOTE: This article was published in 2011 and the grill has since been sold.

You read that headline right. The same tailgating grill I customized to San Diego Chargers color, logo and theme is up for sale. Albeit that it is used, I have taken very good care of it. I only used it for tailgating the Chargers games so it was cooked on less than 10 times. So a grill with low mileage (pun intended), rides on the outside of your car, swings away from your vehicle to use it, locks up and stays on your car while you enjoy the game that is customized to San Diego Chargers colors is going for $200 or best offer. I’ll even throw in the grill cover for free. If you are in the Southern California area I can even drop it off for you. If you will be at the Chargers vs. Chicago Bears pre-season game this Saturday, August 14th, you could pick it up there.

So why am I selling my tailgating grill that is less than a year old and has only been used for one season of tailgating? Well, since I started customizing these grills for other people that requested them, I have discovered new and better ways to customizes them. You see, this grill was my first and it turned out great. But as with anything you do again and again, you get better at it. So plain and simple, I want to make another Chargers grill for my own personal use.

Take a look at some of the photos I took of the grill after I customized it.

Again, there is nothing wrong with this grill whatsoever. This was originally a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill that I have since customized. Those grills without customization are going for $399.99 on places like Amazon and the Margaritaville Cargo websites. So for $200, this is a steal. The only major drawback is that if you are not a Chargers fan, this grill would be of no interest to you.