Tailgater Strap

Many tailgaters choose propane to power their grills. For those that choose to use 20 or even 30 lb. propane tanks, transporting them can be a real hassle. Whether they are full or empty, propane tanks sliding around in the back of your truck or SUV can be really dangerous. Most people will use bungee cords, milk crates, ropes or wires to keep their tanks from moving around but none of those options are really effective.

I recently discovered a piece of tailgating gear that will secure your propane tank to the back of your truck’s tailgate and provides stability, security and will prevent the tank from flying through your back window, or worse, exploding. It’s a simple strap system built and designed to hold your propane tanks built with 1200 lb. breaking strain webbing. It’s called the Tailgater Strap. (Click images for larger, more detailed view.)

To see a demo video of exactly how to use the Tailgater Strap, you’ll need to visit their website: tailgaterstrap.com

As you can see from the previous photos, the Tailgater Strap holds the propane tank tightly and securely up against the tailgate of your pick up truck. I was sent a sample of the Tailgater Strap and even though I do not have a pick up truck, I was able to use the Tailgater Strap in my SUV. Because I use our 2005 Lincoln Navigator to go tailgating, I wanted to see if the Tailgater Strap could be modified and used in an SUV. Keep in mind my Navigator has a lift gate that raises up and also has a rear glass window that pops up.

What I did was open the lift gate all the way up and laid down the Tailgater Strap in the cargo area. I then placed my propane tank in the middle of the strap and let the long end hang out of the back of the cargo area. I then closed the lift gate and then opened the rear glass window. I took the long end and lifted it up and into the cargo area through the open window. I then fed the strap through the top hole of the propane tank and then tightened it using the ratchet tightener. Although this strap was designed with pick up truck owners in mind, I was able to convert it to use it with my SUV. Mind you this technique may not work with all SUVs but I was successful with using it on mine.

In all honesty, I was very pleased with the Tailgater Strap. It was made with heavy duty materials and in testing I was confident that it would secure my propane tanks not only when I was to get them refilled but on the way to the tailgate party.

You can get your own Tailgate Strap for $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping. Not too bad for an item that can keep you and others safe from a sliding and even worse, exploding propane tank.

To get your own, make sure to visit: tailgaterstrap.com