Tailgating Supply: Apparel

You wouldn’t show up to your next tailgate party naked, would you? Probably not. So until they open up the first “clothing optional” tailgating section, you need some cool tailgating clothes. Since you have to have some clothes, you might as well get some tailgating gear to help you stand out from the rest. Here you will find sports jerseys, concert shirts, shoes and even a really offensive t shirt or two. (Actually most of the resources contained within are offensive T shirt websites. Be careful entering.) When tailgating, it is not only what you wear but how you wear it.


Many of the tailgating supply resources contained herein are for clothing and offensive T shirt websites. If you are easily offended or do not have a healthy sense of humor, please be careful when selecting a tailgating apparel website.

T shirt hell banner
Seriously, do not click here if you offend easily.

Offensive T shirts that will definitely turn heads while tailgating

Perk up your tailgate with these shirts that will make you smile

Check these shirts out only if you have a good sense of humor

Not offended easily? Then these shirts are for you!

Design your own shirt for your next tailgate party

Your Gramma won’t wear these. Then again she won’t be tailgating either

Hot Topic Band Tee Shirts
Tailgating before a concert? Hot Topic has band T shirts for every musical taste

Be an equal opportunity offender with these funny shirts

Champions again
Vintage College T-Shirts and Apparel

If you have to ask, you don’t want to know

Look like the pros on the field while tailgating in the parking lot

Chef coats, Aprons and anything else you need for grilling while tailgating

Seriously funny T Shirts that are not too offensive but will make you smile

T Shirts infused with tattoo inspired art and attitude.

PrankPlace - Hilarious Pranks & Gags
Hilarious T-Shirts and gag gifts perfect for any tailgate party

Sweats, shirts, pants from the quality brand name you already know

Get a good laugh from these t shirts at your next tailgate party

Save on Cowboy Boots at Sheplers
Whether it is Kenny Chesney tailgating or the Dallas Cowboys game, Sheplers has your western wear needs covered

Forget the mall when you can get Foot Locker gear online

Sports and Team Neckties

Wearing a neck tie to your next tailgate party? Wild Ties helps you stand out

Dick’s Sporting Goods has Under Armour and anything else you need

Shop at Tillys.com. Free Shipping!

Surf gear and lounge wear perfect for your next tailgate party

Comfortable shoes are always a good call when tailgating

Music inspired clothing will spice up your next concert tailgate

Be a gold medal tailgater with US Olympic Team wear

Shoes and athletic apparel for any tailgate party

Queensboro Shirt Company
Customize shirts for everyone in your tailgate party

Any team, any gear, wear it anywhere

Old guys love to tailgate too

All kinds of T shirts to make you laugh