Tailgate Party T-Shirt Ideas

champion_tshirt.jpg You always get the same question before heading out to go tailgating. “What should I wear to the tailgate party?” Here at Tailgating Ideas we are no Mr. Blackwell, but we have seen a few tailgating fashion do’s and don’ts in our time in the parking lots. Here are two easy tips based on the type of tailgating you will be doing.

1. If you are going to a game, wearing the gear of the home team is always a good call. You can never go wrong rocking the jersey of one of the two teams playing. If you are going to the Chargers vs. Patriots game, please leave the Green Bay Packers Brett Favre jersey in the closet. You’ll look like a tool. Trust us on this one.

2. If you are concert tailgating, wear a t-shirt of a band that is similar to the one you are seeing. Do not commit the faux pas of wearing the T-shirt of the exact same band you are going to see. To quote Jeremy Piven’s character, James “Droz” Andrews, in the movie PCU, “What is this? You’re gonna wear this to the show? You’re gonna wear the shirt of the band you’re gonna go see? Don’t be that guy.”

Let’s review, class… Sports tailgating – wear the jersey or T-shirt of one of the teams playing = Good. Concert tailgating – wear a T-shirt of the band playing = Bad. I don’t make the rules I am just here to inform you of them.

But what if you want to stand out and make a statement while tailgating? Just like every girl at her Senior prom, no one wants to show up to the dance wearing the same gown as someone else. We have scoured the internet and have compiled a few suggestions for tailgate T-shirt ideas you may enjoy. Be careful. If you offend easily, you may want to check out a different article.

If you like any of the shirts suggested here, click on any design to buy that shirt directly from the manufacturer.

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