Tailgating Ideas Mailbag

TailgatingIdeas.com is all about sharing information and giving you, the avid tailgater, a sounding board to voice your opinion regarding tailgating. Have a complaint that you think everyone should be aware of? Mail us and tell us about it. Know of some great new game to play while tailgating? Mail us and we’ll share it with the tailgating nation.

Feel free to not only sound off and post a comment on an article you have read here on Tailgatingideas.com but send us an email too. We’ll sort through each email and publish the best submissions each month. Be sure to sign your name and tell us where you are from if you want credit for an idea or a suggestion you submitted. Anonymous emails are allowed if you are shy. Then again, if you come up with something genius, how will the world know to give you credit?

Submit all comments, suggestions, complaints, kudos and general BS by sending us an email.