The T-Shirt Guy…or Gal

champion_tshirt.jpgMaybe this fan is cheap. Maybe I like a good bargain too much. But why do sporting good stores even bother selling jerseys or team themed t-shirts any more?

If you are on this site you are already going to the stadium to watch your favorite team play (if the economy has shrunk your ticket budget, well there is always e-bay). You are in the parking lot, you have your grills, your food, your beers, and your games. But what we also have is own personal traveling sporting goods store.

Yep, I am talking about the T-shirt guy (or gal) that is strolling through the parking lot with his (or her) garbage bag of shirts, hats, and pretty much anything else a fan might need to show their team support and hatred of the opposition.

The t-shirts (though I admit not always G-rated) have the catchiest slogans bashing the opposition or logos with cartoon characters defacing the opposition’s helmet. Admit it we all have at least 1 t-shirt with the guy peeing on your rival’s helmet or a slogan noting how much the rival sucks or how the players are blowing this and that.

Maybe the sun is too bright, no problem, the guy (or gal) also has shades and caps for the male or female fan. When the weather is too cold he (or she) of course has winter hats, gloves, and hand warmers…all for the low, low price of $5-$10. These are prices that would put even Wal-mart to shame.

The T-shirt guy (or gal) should be praised by all. Such creativity must have caused at least a few sleepless nights. He (or she) is providing us fans with a valuable service…on the cheap. But instead he lives in fear that his goods will soon be confiscated. Yes, I am aware that maybe the goods are “hot.” But hey in these tough economic times we all gotta make a living somehow even if it’s from a plastic bag!

Cue the theme music. So we salute you, Mr. T-shirt guy. Keep giving us those $5 t-shirts that of course only come in one size…too big!

(On a side note, the other night when the shirts did get confiscated, the cop was nice enough to give my buddies and I free t-shirts!)