Tailgate Barn: New Season, New Shirts

Tailgatebarn Kegstand Champ Shirt Around this time two years ago we introduced you to a T-shirt company out of Iowa that specialized in tailgating shirts. The guys at Tailgatebarn.com were nice enough to send me some sample shirts which I featured in a post two years ago.

As with anything, things get better with age. The same philosophy can be applied to the shirts and the website design over at Tailgatebarn.com. This season Tailgate Barn has created a few new shirt designs along with keeping some of the old favorites. Some of the new ones were too good to pass up and I ended up getting three for myself this year. I had sent to me the very clever Kegstand Champ T-shirt, the Life of the Parking Lot shirt and the Greatest TailGater Alive shirt. Why did I choose those shirts? Well, probably because all three are a perfect description of me. All kiding aside, take a look at some of the other designs that are new to this year.

Of the shirt designs displayed here they are all safe for work. Other shirt designs over at Tailgatebarn.com can be a bit NSFW because they have a few swear words on them. Also, because they are based in Iowa they do have a few shirts that are very much targeted towards the Iowa Hawkeye tailgaters along with Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa State and Northern Iowa. In order to see their entire selection of tailgating shirts designs, make sure to view them over at Tailgatebarn.com

The beauty of these shirts (outside of being all about tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle) is that you can choose the message and design and customize the color scheme to your exact preference. All you do is find a design you like and click into that shirt. From there you select how many shirts you would like and what style. Shirt styles range from standard T-shirts, to ladies baby doll tees, to long sleeve tees to hoodies to V-neck tees to organic tees. Once you’ve selected the type of garment you select your color for the shirt. Close to 20 colors are available in the regular T-shirt option. After you have selected your base color of the garment you can now choose your color of lettering and design that will be screen printed on your shirt. With this ordering system you can get shirts to match your favorite college or pro team’s colors. And the best part is these shirts are all about tailgating. The guys at Tailgate Barn are avid tailgaters themselves so you know these shirts are legit.

Prices on shirts range based on the type of garment you choose. Naturally a hoodie sweatshirt will be a bit more expensive than a ladies baby doll tee. The regular t-shirt prices typically seem to run less than $20 per shirt and you will need to check it out for yourself to see the way the different garments are priced.

I am very pleased with my selection of shirts from Tailgatebarn.com. Come February I think I will be placing another order with them for some shirts in blue and orange in order to show my support for the Cal State Fullerton baseball team.

For more information and to order your own tailgating T-shirts, make sure to visit Tailgatebarn.com.