Halftime Designs Offer Women Tailgaters More Options

Let’s face facts here. When it comes to tailgating apparel, jersey’s and team logo merchandise rules the parking lot. Sure the colleges and pro teams try to offer women’s shirts cut specifically for a woman’s figure or they offer jerseys in pink. Kind of boring and played out don’t ya think? What if you are a female tailgater and want to support your team but still do not want to blend in with the rest of the tailgating landscape? Luckily there is Halftime Designs with apparel that is uniquely feminine yet allows the wearer to still support her team.

As you can see from the images above, Halftime Designs offers apparel that supports both college and pro football teams. I am told more designs are forthcoming to represent a wider variety of teams. So if your team currently does not have a shirt or color scheme, please be patient. They are working on adding more.

Halftime Designs is the brainchild of Megan Wood who is an avid football fan and attends every home football game. Week after week, Megan would spend too much time in the mall trying to find the perfect game day outfit. She was never the girl who wore her boyfriend’s jerseys to a game. She was stuck in a rut because it takes a lot of creativity to find something feminine and cute in your favorite teams colors without plastering yourself with team logos. Her vision was to create a line of clothing that brings fashion to football.

Make sure to check out Halftime Designs at halftimedesigns.com for more information and to view other options.

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