Tailgating Has Gone Mobile

Cell Phone tailgating The world has gone mobile.

Just 10 years ago most people that had a cell phone were either executives, sales people or entrepreneurs who needed to stay constantly connected. Nowadays kids have mobile phones to the point where schools have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding text messaging in class. And much like the rest of the populace, tailgaters are just as tech savvy when it comes to their mobile devices.

Mobile phones are as prevalent in the tailgating parking lots as are grills and coolers full of beer. Tailgaters aren’t just using their mobile phones to give directions to late arriving tailgate party guests. They are leaving their regular cameras at home in favor of using the camera built into their phone. By going that route, they can immediately share those photos taken seconds ago with friends via a picture text message or upload it to their Facebook profile all while in the parking lot.

Two of the industries that are probably rejoicing the most with the advent of the smart phone revolution are fantasy football and online sports book betting services. Phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and all the Android phones like the Droid X, HTC Incredible, EVO, Opus One can all access the internet via a wifi connection or a 3G network.

The internet access on these mobile devices makes it incredibly easy for online sports book wagers to be placed right in the middle of the parking lot. Heard a hot tip while in line for the restroom? Maybe the over/under line moved just enough to make that four team parlay worth a shot? There is not need to miss out on placing a wager just because you are out tailgating. Break out your phone, hit the bookmarks and you can get down on some NCAA Football Betting action faster than cheese melts on a burger.

Another blessing to tailgaters with smart phones is no longer having to stress out by not knowing how your fantasy team is doing. How many times have you cruised by someone’s tailgate that has a TV just to check out the score and to ask who scored the touchdowns. Unless it is a late season game with major playoff implications, most tailgaters want to know how many yards Adrian Peterson has gained or if Brett Favre has thrown an interception yet. Now with your smart phone you no longer have to worry how your fantasy team is doing while you are out tailgating and waiting for the late NFL game to start.

I recently got a Droid X smart phone after years of having a Blackberry. I loved my Blackberry but it did have its limitations and it was time to move on. I love my Android phone and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming football season to see how I can use it in the parking lots. It should be interesting to see how many people want to join my tailgating just because I’ll have access to the internet via my phone. Between my Droid and my wife’s iPhone, I am sure we may be the most popular tailgaters in the parking lot.