Who’s Up? Mobile App

Who's up LogoWhether you like it or not, beer pong is rapidly becoming more and more popular in the tailgating parking lots. It still hasn’t surpassed cornhole in popularity but it is quickly gaining.

We recently discovered a mobile app from Who’s Up? Games – appropriately named Who’s Up? Beer Pong. In a nutshell, Who’s Up? Beer Pong is a mobile app for iPhone & iPad that notifies you when it’s your turn to play beer pong. Upon downloading it, we discovered it is a bit more than just that.

The basic gist of the Who’s Up? Beer Pong app is to eliminate the inconvenience of using a sign-up sheet for whomever has next game of beer pong. Typically if you are within a group and there is only one beer pong table, a sign-up sheet gets produced. Normally that sign-up sheet invariably gets wet and the ink runs everywhere, other people’s writing is illegible or it flat out gets lost. A total pain and even if the sign-up sheet is followed, you have to linger around the table to see if you are close to playing or you might get skipped.
Who's up screen shot
The Who’s Up? Beer Pong mobile app eliminates all that by keeping record of those teams in line waiting to play. The app alerts the next team electronically when the previous game is completed and it is now their turn to play. No more doing that “drive-by” the table to see how long you have to wait until it is your team’s turn. This mobile app uses push notifications to promote organization and management for recreational games like beer pong. (They also have an app that uses the same technology for cornhole and table tennis coming soon. The cornhole app is due for release in March.)

Unique features of Who’s Up? Beer Pong mobile app:

• Easily create and find games using GPS location services
• Connect with friends to create teams
• Take or add a photo for a personal sports card
• Make your own team names
• Talk smack
• Instant alerts for players when it is their turn to play
• Option for private, password-protected games
• Share wins on Facebook and Twitter
• Stat tracking

After downloading it to our iPhone, we really liked the app. It was easy to use, allows you to use your Facebook profile to set your photo and your name and allows you to create your own team name. I personally liked the stats feature where you can keep track of wins and cups made.

As for being a tailgate friendly game? It is because it is a mobile app you place on your phone. As for the practicality of using it while tailgating, that may be a bit of a stretch. Normally beer pong at a tailgate is not that highly organized to the point there is a sign up sheet or a waiting list. I have been to a few tailgate parties where there was only one beer pong table and there were people waiting to play but that was on rare occasions. I see this app being more geared towards college Greek house parties or even local bars that want to have their beer pong table be a bit more organized. Could you use it while tailgating? Of course, but the likelihood of your group being that big you need a sign-up sheet for beer pong is low. If your tailgate party is that big, hats off to you.

Currently the Who’s Up? Beer Pong mobile app was free to download. (At least it was free for me without having to charge my credit card or use a promotional code.) If the app does turn into a paid app, the folks at Who’s Up? Games were gracious enough to provide four of our TailgatingIdeas.com readers with promo codes to try the game for free.

Promo Codes:

Depending on how fast people use these promos codes will determine how soon they will expire and be no good. So if you are interested in trying out this mobile app for free, search for, “Who’s Up? Beer Pong” in the app store. You can also get the app by visiting their website, www.whosupgames.com.