BBQ FoodGrip

I can’t think of any tailgater out there that does not love BBQ food. Ribs and chicken wings are a staple at tailgate parties and everyone seems to love them. The one thing people don’t love so much is the BBQ sauce tends to be a bit messy, cakes under your fingernails and just flat out is a pain in the ass to get off your fingers. But what can you do? Getting BBQ sauce all over your fingers and potentially other parts of your body comes with the territory of eating BBQ food. That was the case until we tested out the BBQ FoodGrip.

Simply stated, the BBQ FoodGrip is pair of plastic “tongs” that are specifically designed to hold BBQ food, like baby back ribs or chicken wings, all while keeping your fingers clean. Take a look at the BBQ FoodGrip gallery below. (Click on the individual images for larger, more detailed view.)

As you can see in the photos, the BBQ FoodGrip allows you to grip and hold BBQ food and protects you from getting messy. Many times people at tailgate parties will go to great lengths to protect their hands from the mess that BBQ food creates. Some will buffer the ends of the rib or the chicken wing with a paper towel to prevent the sauce from getting on their hands. Others will simply pass on eating the BBQ food because of not wanting to get messy.

We were sent a sampling of BBQ FoodGrips and we tested them thoroughly. We found that they hold the food firmly and gives you great access to the meaty parts of the food all while keeping your hands clean.

(Disclaimer: We received samples of the BBQ FoodGrip for free. The fact these samples were provided without charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the BBQ FoodGrip fairly and objectively.)

Any time we test and review tailgating gear, we always try to envision what types of tailgaters this product would appeal to. Not all tailgaters tailgate the same so one product may be highly functional for one type, i.e. RV tailgaters, while the same product could be completely useless for other types.

When testing the BBQ FoodGrip, I envisioned this product would probably go over well with the tailgaters in The Grove out at Ole Miss. With the freshmen co-eds wearing their Sunday best cocktail dresses and sundresses and the men wearing slacks, Oxfords and neck ties, keeping clean while eating BBQ is a must. Although the atmosphere surrounding The Grove was the first place that jumped to mind that could use the BBQ FoodGrip, I realized that any tailgating parking lot could use these.

One of the reasons we also liked the BBQ FoodGrip was the environmental side of things. Typically, how many napkins or paper towels do you think you use during the course of eating ribs or chicken wings? I am willing to bet more than one. But with the BBQ FoodGrip you probably only need one and using less paper products while tailgating not only saves the environment but saves you money.

Another benefit of using the BBQ FoodGrip while tailgating is the fact that you can still use your mobile phone and enjoy BBQ food. Especially with touch screen smartphones like the iPhone or Androids dominating the market these days, more and more tailgaters are using their cell phones in the parking lots. I know I will make last minute fantasy football changes, text a friend my parking location and update my Twitter all while tailgating. While eating a plate of wings, doing any type of mobile phone usage would require multiple paper towels and possibly a few baby wipes or wet naps in order to not get BBQ sauce smeared all over the screen of my phone. I plan on placing a few pairs of BBQ FoodGrips in my tailgating kit for those times we are serving ribs or wings and still want to use our phones.

All in all, we liked the BBQ FoodGrip and deem them “Tailgate Approved”. If you like BBQ food but don’t eat it that often because you hate getting messy, you have to get a few of these.

The BBQ FoodGrip is made in the USA and a pair of them will run you $5.99. If you order eight, the price drops down to $14.95. To learn more about the BBQ Foodgrip or to order your own, visit: