Better Get Your Hands Free Devices You Californians

hands-free-device.jpgMy apologies to all of the non-California readers out there but on July 1, 2008 all California drivers will be required to use a hands free device while driving. Many of us tailgaters use our mobile phones to coordinate meet up places and times for others joining the party. Many of us multi-task by doing all of this while behind the wheel. As of next month, it will be a traffic violation and you’ll get socked with a ticket if caught talking on your phone in California without a hands free device.

Wouldn’t now be a great time to get a hands free device before the law goes into effect? Whatever a Bluetooth device costs it definitely beats the cost and the inconvenience of being pulled over and getting a ticket. Check out the California DMV Drivers Handbook for all the details of the new law.

If you live in California you better get one soon or you will risk getting a nice sized ticket. Nothing kills the tailgate party mood more than arriving with a big, fat ticket in hand. Just make sure to do it soon so you can have your hands free device ready to go before July 1st.